Monday, September 26, 2011

The "S" Word

One thing that amazes me as a parent is how often my kids can either be the source of a smile, or the source of high blood pressure. Well, technically, my own violated desires are the real source of the high blood pressure. But it's funny how perfectly patient I was until my children arrived. :-)

Usually, the scenario in question has to do with the presence or lack of the "S" word - SHARING. There are some times when I'll walk past my kids' bedroom and see Elijah happily exchanging a toy with Selah. My heart does a cartwheel and I think, "Yes! This is my reward! This is right!"

Then, there's the other times... We needn't dredge up specific instances, but let's just say there's always variable amounts of weeping and gnashing of teeth. I'm often tempted to throw my own tantrum in response to those of my children, and have had to apologize quite a bit in the last four years.

This morning, Selah taught me more about sharing. While kids ate their traditional bowls of cereal, I prepared something more hearty. I microwaved some leftover spinach, onion, ham, and cheese omelet and buttered two slices of crispy wheat toast. A glass of orange juice (not from concentrate) completed my breakfast ensemble.

Then Selah asked if she could have a bite.

*Gulp* A bite of my breakfast?

I'll be the first to admit I'm pretty food aggressive. After all, Selah wasn't starving. She'd finished her cereal. But I felt a little mean saying "No." So I sighed and pinched off the corner of my egg sandwich. And do you know what my two year-old did?

She gave HALF of her itty bitty piece to her younger brother, Caleb. Wow. Then she thanked me. Double Wow.

I am so glad God is not stingy with His blessings. He must get a joyful tear when He sees His kids sharing with one another; and doing it with a smile. I know I'm still His kid even when I'm NOT sharing well. Thank goodness my place in His family is not threatened by my selfishness.

That said, I want to have a soul that delights to share - not one that sighs to do it. As the song says, "He's still workin' on me." I just didn't know he'd use my daughter to help with that.

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